Hyeree Ro

Opening September

Niro is a newly commissioned installation by Hyeree Ro that explores themes of loss, mobility, invisibility, and intimacy. The installation will center around a skeletal sculpture of a Kia Niro, the car driven by the artist’s late father. Niro activates this framework as an allusion to boundaries between father and daughter, and moments that are physically and metaphorically shared and spent apart in relation to the bounds of the vehicle.

The scaffold-like car structure, constructed from thin wood strips and aluminum, blurs boundaries between interior and exterior, presenting the car as a site that is both public and private. Viewers will be invited to enter into the sculpture two at a time, creating a condition where intimate conversation occurs in the view of others. Mirrors and a pseudo navigation screen built within the framework of the sculpture offer an opportunity for looking ahead and reflecting on the past, suggesting an oscillating and non-linear encounter with the American road trip.

Special thanks to The Jenni Crain Foundation for additional exhibition support.

Hyeree Ro is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York and Seoul, primarily working with sculptural objects and multilingual fractured narrative-based performance. Her practice is informed by her experience as a child of an immigrant growing up in California as well as her subsequent returns to Korea as a teenager and then to the US as an international student. As a constant migrant passing through various immigrant statuses and encountering disparities in class and wealth, Ro interweaves her family history, places, language, body, movement, and stories into her practice.

Hyeree Ro, Lunares table, 2023. Photo: Sangtae Kim